10 natural antibiotics, effective in treating infections

10 natural antibiotics, effective in treating infections
Abusive consumption of classical antibiotics affects our immune system and increases antibiotic resistance, which could be very harmful in the long run if the body ever needs support to fight a very powerful virus.
Specialists recommend not to take antibiotics in a „word to mouth” way, without the doctor’s recommendation, because we could do more harm than good to the body.

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Also, it would be ideal if we could treat minor conditions, as far as possible, naturally. There are a number of natural ingredients that have similar effects to classic antibiotics, which we can find in pharmacies, and that our ancestors used thousands of years ago to treat themselves.

An ingredient commonly used in Italian cuisine, oregano has plenty of health benefits. The oil found in oregano, carvacrol, eliminates bacteria that can cause infections. Also, oregano has antibacterial properties and can even stimulate digestion. Oregano oil can be used successfully in treating digestive infections.

You can consume oregano either as it is or in the form of essential oil of oregano.
It is commonly known that in ancient Rome honey was used to treat wounds on the front, but also to prevent their infection. Honey is not only a natural antibiotic, but also a prized anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent.

For the honey treatment to take effect, use natural, organic honey, which you can combine with cinnamon. The mixture of honey and cinnamon has a lot of health benefits, as I have mentioned in this article.
This spice not only has a special flavour but also boasts powerful effects on the body.

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Infections and bacteria are treated effectively by eating turmeric. To boost its properties, you can mix turmeric with honey or oregano, other precious antibiotics offered by nature.
Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar is also a natural antibiotic, but it has antiseptic properties as well. Specialists recommend that we incorporate apple vinegar in our diet because it is extremely beneficial. It can also be used for external use as an effective disinfectant.
The healing properties of garlic have always been exploited by the Romanian people. Garlic is also effective in treating ordinary infections, such as colds, but also in treating more serious infections. Due to its rich allicin content, garlic protects the body from parasites, bacteria, and also increased stomach acidity.
Fermented foods

Any food that has undergone a fermentation process helps the body fight infections, and is therefore beneficial for the intestinal flora that is known to be intimately linked to the immune system. Kefir, probiotic yogurts and pickles are some examples of fermented foods that can be used as natural antibiotics.
This plant is a natural prized antibiotic, which many tend to neglect. Echinacea fights with infectious diseases and keeps the body healthy. You can consume echinacea in the form of tea or as a supplement.

Nature offers you plenty of healthy alternatives to prevent, but also help treat illnesses. Inform yourself about these beneficial natural antibiotics and use what nature offers you for your health.

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