10 Vitamins Every Woman Should Take To Avoid Any Serious Health Problems

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Vitamin D
This vitamin helps to improve your body’s absorption of a vital mineral – calcium great for your bones and teeth. With an adequate vitamin D intake you will reduce your risk of having ailments such as; some type of cancer, arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D will also help boost your vision.

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You can get vitamin D directly from sunlight and a daily sun bathing for between 10 to 15 minutes will give you your daily vitamin D requirement. You can also consume the following foods that are rich in vitamin D;
Eggs, fatty fish, liver and fortified milk.
Vitamin E

By boosting your vitamin E intake you will help your body combat free radicals that are responsible for premature ageing. Vitamin E will help you combat cataracts, memory loss as well as prevent heart related diseases. If you are looking for how to improve your hair and skin quality then vitamin E is an essential vitamin for you.

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It can be found in a lot of commercial skin and hair care products. However, you can derive this vitamin naturally when you consume these foods;
Corn oil, hazelnuts, peanut butter, almonds, sunflower seeds, margarine, safflower oil, cod liver oil and spinach.

Vitamin K
When you include this vitamin in your daily diet you will boost the strength of your teeth and bones, reduce your risk of developing a heart related disease and also avoid any unusual blood clotting. It will also help to boost your immune system and energy levels.

Foods you should be eating to get this vitamin include;
Fish oil, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and soybean oil.
You can get sufficient amounts of these vitamins daily when you consume about five servings of vegetables and fruits. However, if you cannot consume these foods in sufficient quantities then you can ask your doctor for the food supplement that will be right for you.

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