5 foods that increase your cholesterol without containing fat

5 foods that increase your cholesterol without containing fat
What we eat affects our cholesterol levels, especially when it comes to “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Probably many of us already know that we should not be overdoing it when we eat butter or fatty meats, but some foods we eat constantly increase our cholesterol.

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These foods can be a surprise for some of us, even if we cannot consider them as fat.
Specialists warn us that a rich cholesterol diet, saturated fats and trans-fats can increase your cholesterol levels and put you at risk of heart disease.

Many animal products – such as meat and dairy products – contain saturated fat, while fast food products and sweets or foods cooked in the oven have trans-fat in their composition.
1. Liver from poultry or other animals
The liver is an excellent source of iron – a mineral that can be beneficial for health – but at the same time it has a high cholesterol content.

Let’s not forget that, in fact, cholesterol is produced and stored in the liver, and the most concentrated cholesterol levels in meat from various animals are found in organs like the liver. Experts say that you should not consume more than 300 mg of cholesterol (the recommended dose for healthy adults).

A portion of 85 g of beef liver has 331 mg of cholesterol. So, if you know you have high cholesterol, stop liver preparations and choose leaner meats.
2. Mashed potatoes
Potatoes are not the problem in this case, but the other ingredients are.

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Most types of mash, especially mashed potatoes from a restaurant, contain generous servings of butter, sour cream, whole milk, fermented sour cream and cheese cream, and in this way, a potato that could be considered a healthy food turns into a saturated “fat bomb”, say nutritionists. So you would do best to prepare your simple baked potatoes at home, which you serve as such.
3. Popcorn from the cinema
It is a dish that can create addiction, unfortunately it is full of oil, to which even more butter is added to give it extra flavour. In fact, this is the problem. It is best to quit popcorn of this type if you have high cholesterol and choose a small portion or prepare popcorn at home without butter and other ingredients.

4. Seafood
Some types of seafood are beneficial to health, but others are full of cholesterol. For example, lobster is not a good nutritional choice if you have high cholesterol or suffer from cardiovascular disease. A portion of 85 g of lobster contains 61 mg of cholesterol, and this value does not count the melted butter in which you can serve this type of meat. If you love seafood, stay away from butter sauces and remember that those cooked using direct heat, in the oven or on the grill are much healthier than the fried ones.

5. Muffins
Not all muffins are made the same way. Of course, you can also find healthier choices of muffins that do not contain saturated fat and cholesterol. But many types of muffins – especially those with a lot of ingredients – could contain up to 8g of fat in a single serving. A healthier choice would be to cook wholegrain flour muffins, which give the body plenty of fibre, have fewer fat and lower cholesterol.

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