10 aspirin uses

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7.It restores hair color
If your hair is colored in light colors then unfortunately the chlorinated water can greatly damage it. However, you can return back its shine and volume if you dissolve 6-8 aspirin pills in a glass of warm water and rub the solution on the hair. You should leave it to act for around 10-15 minutes.

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8.It cleans the grease from the cookware
You should prepare a cleaning paste by mixing a few crushed aspirins and a bit of water. Then, rub the cookware with it, and the results are stunning!
9.Aspirin will help the plants last longer

You need to add a crushed aspirin pill in the base water of your plants, and it will postpone their withering. After this you can be sure that they will last longer.
10 Throw An Aspirin Into The Washing Machine. The Effect Is Perfect!
Grab five 325mg aspirin tablets and let them dissolve in 2 gallons of hot water. You can also break up the tablets so that they dissolve more quickly.

Now put your grayish garments into the solution and let them soak for 8 hours, or simply overnight. Make sure all of your clothes are completely submerged in the water. Alternatively, you can also choose to toss the aspirin tablets into the washing machine, but letting them dissolve first is a better tactic.

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After 8 hours either remove your laundry and dry it, or if you prefer, run it through a normal cycle in the washing machine. In addition to fighting off grayness, aspirin also works to help remove stains!
If you want to remove bloodstains, however, it’s necessary that you first dissolve the aspirin in cold water before soaking the affected garments for 2 hours. Never attempt to remove bloodstains with hot water.

The protein in the blood will clump, therefore making the stain even more difficult to remove.
Aspirin contains a weak acid that generates great effects. There’s no need to buy overpriced, specialty cleaning products if you have a couple of tablets in your medicine cabinet!
Sources: healthyfoodtalk.net

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