10 Things I Wish I Told My Mom When I Was Younger

10 Things I Wish I Told My Mom When I Was Younger
When you’re in it, childhood seems like it will never end. It’s a series of milestones that end with independence and a life of your own, but there are always things that you wish you’d appreciated more back then. Even if your relationship with your parents was rocky, the good things nearly always outweigh the bad.

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We took some time to think through what we would say to our mothers before we lost the chance, and the exercise was altogether eye opening. Check out the list below and see if they tug your heartstrings too.
We’re all lucky to have you.
A little appreciation goes a long way, but there is never enough

appreciation or gratitude to express how lucky we are to have our moms.
Thank you.
‘Thank you” can be thrown around quite a bit, but moms never seemed to be the recipient. They do the most for us, and deserve to hear those two words more than anyone else.

No, I don’t like your meatloaf.
Though mom’s are generally the best chefs in the world, there’s always that one dish you just can’t put down. It’s ok to tell her, she just may get a kick out of it.
My friends were always jealous.

Growing up, you may recall your friends saying how cool your mom was. It can be hard to see on that side of adolescence, but tell her if you get the chance.
I still don’t agree with you on everything.
No matter how strong the relationship, two people will never agree on everything. And that’s just ok.

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I wish I could be more like you.
Growing up, it can be natural to wish to avoid turning out like your mom.
But looking back, there are always traits she had you wish had rubbed off on you.
Thank you for punishing me.
No discipline is comfortable at the time, but after the fact it can lead to better character and an understanding of consequences. Being grounded as a kid may not have been fun, but it sure helped ingrain the idea of right and wrong.
Let me do the dishes.
It seems like such a small thing as a child, but offering to do the dishes for her instead of being asked would have made her world go round.
You’re the best mom in the world.
There are millions of moms in this world, but yours is the only one you’ve got. If it’s been a while since you’ve said so, call her up and tell her so!
Thank you for always loving me.
Through the ups and the downs, mom was always there to love you… even when she was angry. Unconditional love is something that we only experience a few times in life. Don’t take it for granted.
We hope these reminders inspired you to call your mom up and tell her how much she means to you. It’s never too late to make someone’s day.

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