15 Amazing ways avocado can change your life

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15 Amazing ways avocado can change your life
The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit.
Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats.
Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health.

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In my opinion, avocados should be ranked as one of the top five healthiest foods on the planet. You may be surprised to learn about how many avocado benefits there are.
Why should you eat avocados? Avocados are truly an amazing food for many reasons, but until recently, you wouldn’t know it.

Years of being scared away from fat-containing foods have led many people to overlook avocados. Today — thanks in part to the low-fat diet risks that have been revealed — we know that avocado benefits include critical, healthy fats in addition to much more: various antioxidants, multiple trace minerals and vitamins too.

You may be wondering, is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? In fact, avocados are actually a fruit. They are great in both savory and sweet dishes.
Despite their growing popularity over the past decade, Americans still seem unsure how to eat avocado fruit, eating avocado simply by putting them in salads, sandwiches and guacamole dip.

Granted, avocados are a fantastic addition to these dishes. But I have also come to appreciate that, in most countries, they’re regularly used in desserts! Around the world, they’re used in similar ways as coconuts and commonly paired with raw cocoa — furthering their health benefits even more.

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Their mild flavor, texture and creamy consistency make avocados a fantastic ingredient in some of my favorite treats like chocolate mousse. Now that’s just another one of many avocado benefits!
New to avocados and unsure of how much to have or how exactly to use them? As you’re going to learn, for a couple hundred calories, avocados make a filling addition to any meal or snack, while providing nutritious heart-healthy fats, about half your day’s fiber, folate, vitamin A, potassium and more. Packed full of essential nutrients, avocado benefits include improved heart health, hormone balance, better digestive health and so much more that we’ll dig into below.
Avocado Uses
Avocado has a long list of health benefits. Today, we will present the top 15 uses of avocados which will help you to keep your health in optimal condition. Check them out!
Packed With Nutrients
Avocados have 20 vitamins and minerals essential for the good function of our body. Of the recommended daily intake (RDI), avocado contains 53% vitamin K, 41% folate, 33% vitamin C, 28% potassium, 26% vitamin B6, 21% vitamin E, and 19% copper. As you can see, these numbers are really impressive. So, if this is not a good reason to buy avocados, keep reading and find out more about the health benefits they can offer.

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