4 foods that we should all have in our refrigerator, recommended by Dr. Oz

4 foods that we should all have in our refrigerator, recommended by Dr. Oz
The simplest solution for healthy eating is to remove all unhealthy foods from the refrigerator and the pantry. In addition, healthy and nutritious foods should always be at hand instead.

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If you’re used to buying sweets, pastries, deli products or other processed foods, it’s time to quit if you want to change your lifestyle and eat healthier. The best solution to have a compound menu of nutritious foods is to keep only healthy products in the house.
Here are the four foods you should always keep in your refrigerator or pantry, according to Dr. Oz.

Among the products that the doctor has at hand in the refrigerator are:
– Olives – bring many benefits to the body, protecting it from heart disease, depression, cancer, mental disorders and high levels of bad cholesterol.
When freshly picked from the tree, olives often have a bitter flavour.

This bitterness is related to their phytonutrient content, and especially to their concentration of oleuropein. In order to help offset their bitter taste, olives are typically cured. Curing is also sometimes referred to as pickling. There are three basic types of curing widely used to lower the bitterness in olives.

There types are: water-curing, brine-curing (in a salt solution), and lye-curing (in an alkaline solution).
– Blueberries – a cup of blueberries contains only 80 calories and is very rich in fibre, vitamin C and magnesium.
Among the health benefits of blueberries, we can name:
 Low calorie content, but high nutrient content

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 Rich in antioxidants
 Reduce DNA damage, protecting against ageing and cancer
 Reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol)
 Lower blood pressure
 Help prevent heart disease
 Maintain brain function and improve memory
 Help reduce muscle damage after exercise
 Help fight urinary infections
– Turkish Ayran yogurt – contains yogurt and cold water, being a soft drink rich in calcium and probiotics that ensures good digestion. The bacteria in the yogurt also helps to cure stomach illnesses such as constipation or diarrhea, and this is why many Turkish children are given Ayran when they complain of a sick tummy.
Ayran has high quantities of protein and calcium; therefore, it aids the health of bones and teeth. Bodybuilders, who need large amounts of protein, also drink Ayran instead of the manufactured powder mixes.
Since it has no sugar, it is a suitable drink for dieters and is a great alternative to other refreshments heavily loaded with sugar such as Coca-Cola.

– Almond milk – does not contain saturated fats, which damage the heart, and is more nutritious than cow’s milk, says the specialist who always has a box of almond milk in the refrigerator. Also, this vegetable milk is a good alternative for people who are lactose intolerant.
Compared to soy and rice milk, almond milk has the highest concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Almond milk contains the following vitamins and minerals:
 Copper
 Zinc
 Iron
 Magnesium
 Manganese
 Calcium
 Phosphorous
 Potassium
 Selenium
Even though almond milk is a good alternative for you, almond milk doesn’t contain the nutrition of breast milk and baby formula, so it isn’t an acceptable substitute for feeding infants. Feeding almond milk to infants may cause tree nut allergies to develop.
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