5 Mistakes that do not Let You Lose Weight

5 Mistakes that do not Let You Lose Weight
You want to lose weight, you do everything you can and yet something is not working anymore. Do you keep the same dietary habits as at the beginning of your diet when you lose weight at an accelerated pace, but now you are no longer able to lose weight at all?

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The problem of your weight stagnation may come from somewhere else.
When the body begins to get used to the new food style, it regulates its metabolism to slow down and burn fewer calories.
As you know, metabolism is responsible for calories burned every day. The slower it works, the harder it is to lose weight.

According to nutrition specialists, you can help your metabolism work normally and burn calories, avoiding the following 5 things:
1. Do only cardio exercises
Indeed, cardio exercises (running, cycling, and step aerobics) are very healthy, but if you do not alternate with toning and relaxation exercises (Pilates, yoga), your efforts will not have the expected results.

Why? Because toning exercises prevent you from losing muscle instead of fat, and at the same time it helps to relieve stress and relax. Stress and fatigue are the main enemies of metabolism, so try to do this type of exercise at least once a week.
2. You have too many liquid meals

Are you accustomed to having a smoothie in the morning, eating a soup for lunch, and before bedtime replacing dinner with a yogurt? This helps you lose weight, but not for a long time. When you consume too many fluids, your digestive system becomes lazy, and your metabolism does not contribute much energy to burning nutrients.

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When you consume nutrient-rich dense foods, your body makes an effort to turn them into energy, and metabolism is accelerated.
3. You don’t eat any fat
When you go to the supermarket, you stop at the 0-calorie yoghurt shelf, skim milk, low-fat cheese, and 0 calorie juices? This habit, in addition to sabotaging your weight loss diet, is far from healthy. The body needs fat to work well. Among the best sources of fat to include in your diet are Greek yogurt, milk, fish, avocado, olive oil, walnuts and seeds. Consume them in moderation and you will begin to lose weight again.

4. You have not adapted your eating style to the age you have
Did you know that at the age of 30 you cannot eat the same food portions as when you were 20 years old? And at the age of 40, food portions must also be much smaller than at 30 years old? As you get older, metabolism slows down, so you have to adapt to its requirements.
5. You think obsessively about food
If your mind is captured by the way a pastry looks like in a glass showcase and you cannot stop salivating over it, then you should buy it and think about revisiting your diet. When your body is deprived of nutrients and has no energy to focus on things other than food, you clearly have to adopt another strategy to lose weight. A weight loss diet should not only mean constant hunger, but a new style of eating. Try to keep your meal schedule, make your salads more filling, and add more protein to your menu and, especially, do not neglect carbohydrates.

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