8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Practice Grounding

8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Practice Grounding
Grounding or earthing refers to connecting yourself with the earth. One example of this is walking barefoot. According to research, this practice can provide a number of health benefits including pain and inflammation relief, but also improved sleep quality.

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As unbelievable as it may sound, walking barefoot can really improve overall health, and this has been scientifically proved. The thing is the earth releases negative electrons, which enter your body when you walk barefoot. It’s these electrons that account for the numerous health benefits.

Read on and find out how to improve your overall health by the simple practice of grounding.
#1 It will reduce free radicals and inflammation in your body
We are continually surrounded by free radicals – they are released from our electronic devices, the sun’s rays, x-rays, cigarettes, and different chemicals.

In fact, free radicals are impossible to avoid. Now, what many don’t know is that they are important for metabolic processes in the body. However, excess of free radicals creates grounds for the development of chronic diseases. Free radicals can be effectively neutralized by antioxidants or anything that provides antioxidant effects, such as grounding.

#2 It will improve your mood
You may have noticed that walking barefoot on the beach or in your backyard improves your mood. This is nothing new. A study by Gaétan Chevalier found that subjects who did grounding for one hour saw improvements in their moods, compared to those who didn’t.

Although further research is needed on the subject, the study suggests that grounding could be used to treat depression, anxiety, and stress.
#3 It will improve your sleep
One of the health benefits of grounding include reducing cortisol levels, especially in those suffering from chronic sleep issues or occasional insomnia, due to the fact that cortisol or the stress hormone is the key factor for sleep deprivation. A study published by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that participants that used a conductive mattress pad or the purpose of grounding during sleep managed to reduce their nighttime cortisol levels. They also restored the balance of their 24-hour circadian cortisol profiles.

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#4 It will accelerate tissue repair and wound healing
Reportedly, owing to the amazing results they provide, Tour De France racers often use Earthing Recovery Bags for tissue repair and recovery. These bags are very much like sleeping bags, only that they provide the athletes with healing energy. But, you can get similar tissue-repair effects by exercising, meditating, or practicing yoga outdoors barefoot.
#5 It will boost your heart health
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with over 610,000 deaths annually, heart disease is the top death cause in the United States. A study found that grounding improves heart health by reducing blood viscosity and clumping. In essence, grounding increases the Zeta Potential on red blood cells, which have a negative electrical charge. When this negative charge is greater, the cells repel one another, thus improving circulation. The important thing is that people taking blood thinners should consult with their physicians before doing grounding.

#6 It will reduce the symptoms of PMS
There’s no question that PMS boasts a range of uncomfortable, even painful symptoms such as bloating, irritability, fatigue, headache, and depression. Stress, which triggers high cortisol levels, can only worsen PMS symptoms. Due to the fact that it reduces cortisol, grounding can help relieve PMS symptoms for some women. In addition, grounding also reduces pain and inflammation – common PMS symptoms.
#7 It will help you recover from your workouts
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), or sore muscle after a workout, can be relieved in many ways such as taking supplements, ice, massage, and foam rolling. However, as found by a pilot study from The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, grounding can effectively reduce the recovery time from DOMS and improve muscle function at the same time.

#8 It will help you lose weight
Low energy levels often lead to bad food choices. Also, high cortisol levels trigger unhealthy cravings for comfort foods and drinks, such as sugary sweets and alcoholic drinks. Grounding reduces stress and increases energy levels thus improving overall health.
How to Do Grounding
For optimal health benefits, you should do grounding on a regular daily basis. Make sure you walk barefooted as shoes generally inhibit the transition of electrons into your body.
Also, be aware that surfaces that allow grounding include:
bare soil, and
unpainted/unsealed concrete and brick.
On the other hand, surfaces that prevent grounding include:
sealed tiles, etc.

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