8 Major signs of gluten intolerance many people ignore

8 Major signs of gluten intolerance many people ignore
Gluten has been the talk of the town for the last couple of years. Intolerance to gluten has been in the dark for decades, and sufferers had to forage for food that does not contain the omnipresent menace: gluten. Now that awareness is being “brought-en” (this is a reference to Bring It

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On and it’s shameless). Check out this list and see if you feel more than a few of these struggles.
Dem Stomach Pains
First things first, gluten problems come from problems digesting the stuff.

The fist thing this causes is a huge stomach ache. It’s likely to happen every time you eat food containing gluten, which is most people’s first cue to go see a doctor.
Dizzy Without The Heights
If you find yourself feeling dizzy or faint at all, you may be sensitive to

gluten. People with a gluten intolerance report disorientation, feeling off-balance, brain fog and other disturbing cognitive disruptions.
Mood Swings Like A Summer Afternoon
Swings are fun.
Mood swings are not.

With so much stomach upset and generalized physical stress brought on by the struggle to digest gluten, mood issues are understandable and to be expected. People who suffer from this allergy report explainable anxiety, irritability and just feeling upset for no reason. The New England Journal of Medicine has listed 55 diseases that are caused or worsened by gluten intake.

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Migraines. Chronic Ones
People who suffer from a gluten allergy or intolerance are more likely to have headaches. These flair up half an hour to an hour after eating food containing gluten.
Itchy Skin Everywhere
When your body is struggling to deal with gluten it cannot process, it can cause itchy skin. This is due to the inflammation caused by said struggle; your immune system is creating a lot of antibodies to combat the gluten that rode in on the white bread you had this morning. These antibodies can give you psoriasis-like reactions on your skin.
Where Does Fibromyalgia Hurt? Everywhere
If you or someone you know suffers from fibromyalgia, you know the painful struggle of this condition. As reported by Medicine Net, “When patients are helped by a specific dietary measure, it is often because of the presence of a secondary condition that does have a recognized response to diet. And when you take care of that, you do get some relief from all the symptoms. You feel better overall.”

You’re ALWAYS Tired
Chronic fatigue is also associated with an intolerance to gluten. It makes sense, after all. You are putting your body on high alert every time you consume gluten. It takes more energy for you to deal with unwanted gluten proteins so your 8 hours of sleep a night may not be enough.
Intolerance To Lactose And Gluten Look Similar
These two intolerances are very similar in terms of how they affect your body and in terms of the symptoms you might notice. If you’re already having problems with lactose, gluten may be just as difficult for your system to process.

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  1. I have these symptoms, but a blood test diagnosed me with Myasthenia Gravis. I wonder if drinking water when I wake up could help?

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