According to experts, your sitting position can tell a lot about your personality

In the opinion of psychologists who interpret body language signs, sitting position reveals your personal traits and intentions.

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We express our body language unconsciously and it is our subconsciousness that shows

our deep thoughts and dreams. You can easily recognize people’s behavior by paying close attention to their sitting position.

Position 1

People sitting in this position, often lack courage to ”take the bull by its horns.”

They believe that problems will solve by themselves. This principle could work, but it usually doesn’t. Problem solving is a skill, but these people obviously don’t have it.

So, when they fail at doing this, they point the issue to somebody else. The best thing about these people is that they are very interesting, outgoing, and easy to communicate with.

They are also very creative, charming, and a little childish. Their tongue is quicker than their brain.

Position 2

Daydreamers. These people have extraordinary creativity and imagination. Their friends describe them as artistic souls, who often have unique ideas.

They enjoy adventures and their favorite activity is travelling. Being that dynamic, their motto is: ”Don’t be afraid to accept challenges, because that’s the only way to live life truly.”They don’t want to get emotionally attached too easily. Live the moment is their philosophy.

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Position 3

Fashion lovers. They can spend hours choosing the perfect perfume, dress or cream. Capriciousness is their most dominant trait. Their room is always messy, but they function perfectly well in the so called ”chaos.”Their attention span and focus is short, so they quickly lose interest in things.

Position 4

These people are very punctual and intelligent. They are also very direct persons, so other people perceive them as disrespectful. These ”difficult” people, engage in conflict situations, and they never admit they’re wrong.

Position 5

These people believe that everything has its time, so they don’t rush through making decisions. They are very determined to fulfill their goals. The characteristic which best describes them is ambition, so they will stop at nothing to achieve success.

Also, they pay attention to their physical appearance, as they consider it as something very important. Behind this strong personality, there is also a small insecurity deep in their soul. The best thing about them is that they are willing to accept criticism.


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