How to clean your face and your body using hydrogen peroxide in 6 steps

How to clean your face and your body using hydrogen peroxide in 6 steps
One of the most famous attributes of hydrogen peroxide is the power to remove skin spots. Many women use it to clear their armpits or eliminate a spot by whatever may have damaged the tone of their skin.
Here, we’ll show you different ways to use hydrogen peroxide. They’re all very easy and very effective.

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Hydrogen peroxide is a product that must be present in every house. It is used to disinfect wounds, but also because of its bleaching properties.
In this article, we’ll show you how to use hydrogen peroxide to clarify and eliminate skin spots with a really simple method.
Take a look at these 6 simple steps!

The key element in this remedy is hydrogen peroxide of 20%. We use this type normally to disinfect wounds, so you must have it at your home. It contains a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide. If the percentage of hydrogen peroxide is higher, it may be too harmful.

Before you begin, you must make sure that the whole process will be safe for your skin. There are people who may have allergic reactions to hydrogen peroxide or they have a very sensitive skin. They can even experience small burns. That’s why you must be sure before you start.

First, you have to know which areas you want to clean. If they are on your body, apply some hydrogen peroxide on your forearm and wait to see how your skin reacts. If the zone you should clean is on your face, you can apply the drop behind the ear.
If you start noticing itching, annoyance or pain, rinse the area rapidly with lots of lukewarm water and do not continue!

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If your skin doesn’t show any of the symptoms, continue with the following step.
Wash the zone that you want to clean well. Use lukewarm water and neutral soap to clean the zone and dry it with a towel. Pat dry, but never rub.
An exfoliation is perfect to clean the dead cells of your skin. There are products for that, but we recommend you to do it in a natural way, with ingredients that you can already find at your home. Just take a spoonful of sugar, two tablespoons of natural yoghurt and one teaspoon of oats.
Mix it all well and apply it on the area that you want to clean. Use small circular movements for about 30 seconds. After that, rinse with some lukewarm water. Do not press too much as you may cause some wounds on your skin.

Take a piece of cotton and soak it into hydrogen peroxide. Apply it directly on the area or dark zone with small pats and press it slightly.
You have already exfoliated your skin, so don’t press too much with the piece of cotton as you can damage the surface cells.
If the spot is more than 5 cm, adds more water to the cotton and continues with the process for several minutes more.
Let the hydrogen peroxide act for 15 minutes without covering the zone. Leave it to penetrate and act on your skin. Then, rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel. Never press the zone too much! Dry the skin without rubbing.
You might see a slightly red zone after you have finished, but it is a completely normal reaction. If you notice itching, burning or pain in any moment, stop the process and clean the zone with water.
Apply some quality moisturizer after you have dried your skin.

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