Dr Oz: 5 natural solutions to whiten your teeth quickly and inexpensively

Dr Oz: 5 natural solutions to whiten your teeth quickly and inexpensively
Are not you happy with the colour of your teeth, but do not have the money to do a professional whitening treatment? Find out what natural and cheap solutions are recommended by the famous Dr Oz!
Expert opinions are divided when it comes to the professional whitening

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of teeth, that is, those treatments applied in dentistry offices that have the effect of cleaning the teeth. Some dentists recommend tooth whitening several times a year, while the opposite camp opposes these treatments because the ingredients in them can seriously affect teeth.
It is also not recommended to use long-lasting whitening toothpaste

because it creates sensitivity in your teeth and you will not get the results you expect, warns dentist Orania Caleşu. “There are various toothpastes with a guaranteed whitening effect, but the results of these products do not meet the expectations of consumers; they manage to maintain a professional whitening result or give a little light to the teeth, removing

some spots. Researchers have also discovered that over time, teeth whitening toothpaste creates dental sensitivity because of specific substances that are not indicated for enamel,” explains the specialist.
To avoid these problems, trust the 100% natural solutions recommended by Dr Oz!

Sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice
The sodium bicarbonate blend with lemon juice is one of the first natural teeth whitening remedies. Mix 1/4 cup of sodium bicarbonate with the juice from half a lemon until a paste is formed. Apply this paste onto a soft brush and then on your teeth.

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Let it work for one minute on your teeth. Rinse your mouth thoroughly because the lemon is very acidic.
Coconut oil
We all know the benefits of coconut oil. Besides giving you a natural face, a hydrated body or a hair mask, it also helps to whiten the teeth. You can use coconut oil like mouthwash, it helps fight oral bacteria, gingivitis and bad odour. Take a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and keep it for 20 minutes. It is best to take this treatment in the morning while you prepare for work.
Active coal
At first sight, to brush your teeth with a black paste may sound like a scene from a horror movie. Active coal is the latest trend when it comes to beauty. This black substance in powder form may be more beneficial than you think, especially in the health department. Essentially, the active coal absorbs the bad plaque from your mouth leaving you feeling cleansed and your teeth whiter. Mix the active charcoal powder with water and apply it on each tooth with a brush and let it act until you count to three, then rinse the mouth with water.
Strawberries, Sodium Bicarbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide
Strawberries can help you whiten your teeth? Their seeds serve as an exfoliating agent and help remove unwanted bacteria. All you need is a strawberry, a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate and a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide. All of these ingredients are mixed together forming a paste. It is applied to your teeth, let it act for a little while and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
Apples cleanse the teeth and protect them
When you eat a crispy apple, it has an effect similar to that obtained by brushing the teeth with a brush. Do not hesitate to eat an apple half an hour after a meal because it removes food debris, bacteria and stains on the surface of your teeth. Apple malic acid is also used in tooth whitening products because it has a strong stain dissolving effect.


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