Flourless bread rolls – ideal for everyone who loves bread and wants to lose weight!

Flourless bread rolls – ideal for everyone who loves bread and wants to lose weight!
Most of us cannot imagine having a descent meal without a slice of bread.
Bread is an integral part of numerous cuisines throughout the world, and it makes a nice addition to delicious soups, stews curries and chilies.
But, nutritionists have long warned about abundance of carbohydrates,

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known to cause unexpected gain and fat accumulation.
This had a huge impact on its popularity, and now you probably seek for a healthier alternative.
We have some good news for you. You can still enjoy your sandwich

without the feeling of guilt.
3 eggs
½ cup cream cheese
½ tsp baking powder

a pinch of salt
baking paper
Beat your egg whites with some salt in a separate bowl, and mix your yolks, cream cheese and baking powder in another bowl. Combine your

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egg white and egg yolk mixtures together, but do not whisk.
Your mixture should remain as fluffy as possible. Dollop your rolls on a baking sheet, and leave enough space between them. Bake your flourless rolls in a preheated oven for 25 minutes, at 150 degrees.
Extra tips:

The shape of your rolls should not give you trouble. Once the rolls have cooled completely, transfer them in an air-tight container, and let them rest overnight.
Next morning, you will notice how have they changed their shape, and you will be more happy with the way your rolls resemble bread.
Use this type of bread to make sandwiches and gravy. Slice them in half, spread some filling of your choice, and you ready to go. Try chicken breast, mozzarella, and fresh veggies. That is the perfect combination for a healthy and tasty sandwich. You can also enjoy a sweet version of these rolls, just combine them with your favorite sweet spread.

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