How to Grow Tulips at Home

How to Grow Tulips at Home
Have you ever wondered how to grow tulips in your house? Well, in this article we are going to teach you the steps to follow to have some beautiful tulips in your house . Take note!!
How to Grow Tulips

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How to Grow Tulips at Home
It is one of the most important points, the choice of bulb will affect the future growth of our tulips. The bulbs can be bought in specialized stores and we always recommend that you take the biggest bulbs, since the bigger the bulb, the plant will be stronger and the bigger the flowers.

Before placing the bulbs in water, they need an incubation period. So you have to have them in a cold place to carry out your initial process. They would be good in the refrigerator. The recommended time will tell you in the store, as there are many varieties of tulips, but normally it is ready between 11 and 15 weeks.

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Place the bulbs
We will need a tall glass vase, some crystal gems or if we prefer small stones and water.
In the first place we put in the base of the vase a few gems of glass or stones until covering about 5 cm of height, we add water without getting to cover the stones and we place the bulb pointing upwards.

Add a few gems or stones around half the bulb and you’re ready to start growing.
The most important thing is to prevent the water from directly touching the bulb, always have to be below to force the roots to grow down. That way we will have some tulips bloomed all year round .
We will put our floor in a bright and airy room. After about 3 weeks, we will see how the bulbs begin to break and the stem appears growing slowly upwards.
Actually the process of how to grow tulips is very slow and always requires a lot of dedication, but if you are loving these beautiful plants and follow our directions, you are sure to enjoy some beautiful tulips.

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