Herbal remedies for irritable bowel syndrome

Herbal remedies for irritable bowel syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome is a colon disorder. Specialists claim that this affection is psychosomatic, that is, it has causes of a psychic nature rather than a physical nature. Irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease but a combination of symptoms.

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Symptoms felt by patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome:
• Abdominal cramps
• Bloating
• Flatulence
• Diarrhea
• Constipation

With regard to the risk factors for the development of irritable bowel syndrome, here are the most common:
• Age: People under 45 develop irritable bowel syndrome.
• Sex: Women are twice as likely as men to develop this syndrome.
• History: Studies suggest that people who have relatives diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome are more likely to develop this condition in return.

• Psychiatric disorders: anxiety, depression, or personality disorder are risk factors.
Doctors treat patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome either with antispasmodic drugs or with sedatives or antidepressants – anyway, none of these treatments can solve the problem.

Herbal treatments, on the other hand, can help the patient to keep irritable bowel syndrome, which affects their quality of life, in control.
Effective remedies for the irritable colon
Essential mint oil – The American College of Gastroenterology has delivered the verdict: essential mint oil is effective in relieving abdominal cramps.

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Mint oil relaxes intestinal muscles, so it reduces spasms that contribute to abdominal pain.
Iberogast – a natural droplet product made from extracts of 9 herbs, including chamomile, mint, lemon balm and celandine, which relieves irritable bowel symptoms. It has antispasmodic properties, combats nausea, constipation and diarrhea.
Chamomile – chamomile can be ingested both in the form of tea and as a dietary supplement. It reduces intestinal inflammation and relieves spasms, so it is especially indicated in episodes of diarrhea caused by irritable bowel syndrome.
Tea leaves from berries – teas made from strawberries, raspberries or blackberries contain the substance called tannin, which reduces inflammation and remedies diarrhea.

Changes in lifestyle that help treat irritable bowel
Be active – physical activity eliminates stress and is helpful in treating depression and anxiety. Because stress is one of the major trigger factors of irritable bowel syndrome, sports will help. Specialists recommend 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, of physical activity for visible results.
Relax – strain favours irritable bowel syndrome, and even triggers its specific symptoms. So any relaxing activity, be it a hobby, yoga or meditation, should be practiced regularly to keep away the symptoms specific to this syndrome.
Eat more fibre – fibre in fruits and vegetables helps prevent constipation. It is true, they can worsen cramps and flatulence, but you cannot dismiss them.
Limit dairy consumption – Dairy products can worsen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Try to choose dairy products that are not so damaging. For example, replace milk with yogurt because it is rich in probiotics and is, therefore, beneficial for intestinal flora.
Make smart food choices – avoid foods that can aggravate your symptoms, including beans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, alcohol, chocolate, coffee, juices and dairy products.

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