How to grow an endless supply of lemons from seed (this will last you a lifetime)

How to grow an endless supply of lemons from seed (this will last you a lifetime)
Pollution has just surrounded us from everywhere. In such situation, we just feel that our home should remain a pleasant place to hang out.
Isn’t it? The home should smell refreshing and has all positivity in it.

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For such environment at your home, you can actually plant indoor trees and flourish your home. How about a lemon tree?
We are not kidding at all; you can grow the lemon tree indoor as an edible houseplant. And believe or not it is the most rewarding thing to do.
So, let’s look in detail how you can plant a lemon tree in your home.

To grow your own lemon tree, you will need to obtain the following:
You need an organic lemon as it is observed that the non-organic lemons do have non-germinating seeds.
A fertile soil is a must and sure. Get a soil which has peat, perlite, vermiculite and add natural fertilizers to it.

A medium size pot which is 6 inches wide and deep which will be required for the sprouting of the plant.
A pot for seedling which is about 24 inches wide and deep.
Search for a location in your house which is sunny and has plenty of light around.
Follow these steps to grow your own lemon tree:

Sprinkle some water to moisten the soil. Make it just damp don’t soak it in water.
Now, fill the small pot with soil just up to an inch below the rim.
Take 1 lemon and cut it carefully. Take out the seeds and remove all the pulp. Make it clean properly.

Bury the seed immediately into the soil. Make sure you plant the seed when it is moist. You should plant the seed around ½ inch deep and in the middle of the pot.
Spray some water on the soil which is just above the seed gently.
Now, wrap the pot with a plastic wrap and seal the edges of pot with good quality rubber band. Make small holes at the top of the pot using pencil.
Your plantation is done, just keep the pot at sunny and warm location.
Spray some water occasionally and do not allow the soil to dry out. And also don’t pour too much of water which creates puddle. Just keep the soil moist.
After around two weeks, when the sprouting rises, take the plastic covering off. On the off chance that you require extra light for your lemon plant, you can utilize a develop light to supplement the daylight.
Deal with the youthful plant by keeping the dirt moist, by ensuring it gets no less than eight entire hours of light every day, and by giving it moderate measurements of natural manure.
Watch over your plant to guarantee it is not assaulted by bugs or infections. Prune off cocoa, dead leaves when fundamental. Use pesticides on the off chance that you should. Secure your new lemon tree!
At the point when the plant exceeds its little pot, place it in the bigger pot. You will experience much the same methodology when you re-plant it as when you initially planted.

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More youthful plants require more water than more established plants, yet they all do require sufficient water. Try not to starve your poor plant after all that work of developing it!
How to Successfully Grow a Lemon Tree From Seed
All you have to do is follow the given instructions and you will be to grow your own lemon tree at your home.

There is also an easy trick to ensure that the lemon seed sprouts properly before you plant it. Follow these below given steps for it
Take a lemon and cut it carefully to take out 4-5 seeds from it.
Now, hold the small seed with a paper towel as the seeds are very slipperier in nature.
Peel the seed gently to remove the hard cover and then damp the paper towel a bit.
Wrap 3-4 peeled lemon seeds in the paper towel and store it in a zip bag for 5-6 days.
After 5-6 days you will find that the seeds are sprouted properly.
Now, just plant these sprouted seeds in moist and healthy soil and your lemon tree will grow rapidly.
Although you can just buy lemons from the market having the lemon tree in your home will make you feel fresh all the time due to the lemon fragrance.

It is an excellent home décor to plant lemon tree indoor. Also, it keeps the air fresh and keeps your home protected from mosquitoes, ants, and other pets. So, it so much worthwhile to plant the lemon tree in your home. Do it the first thing today! You are going to love this experience.

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