How to grow pomegranate tree in a container

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How to grow pomegranate tree in a container
Pomegranates or Punica granatum are really delicious fruits, so you’ll certainly be pleased to know that you can grow them in your garden too. They are easy to be grown because unlike other fruit trees, pomegranates have shallow root system and can be easily grown in a container.

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Pomegranate tree is also known as Granada, Roma, Shi Liu Pi, Melagrana, Melograno, Grenade, Punic apple, Punica granatum, Granatapfel, Dadima, Anardana, Shi Liu Gen Pi, Fruit du, Anar and Pomme Grenade.
Conditions for Cultivating Pomegranates
Pomegranates are natives to Middle East (Iran) and South Asia.

Pomegranate tree can live up to 200 years if grown in optimal conditions. It’s a shrub or small tree that can reach heights up to 6 m (20 ft) but it’s usually reduced to 2 m.
Pomegranate trees need neutral pH level of the soil and they are easy to be grown.

They will thrive best in USDA Hardiness Zone 9b-11. Below Zone 9, pomegranates can be grown in containers.
Appearance of a Pomegranate Tree
Pomegranate tree has five to eight centimeters long lance shaped leaves which are shiny and bronze from the bud but later they turn green.

Its flowers are fragile, bell-shaped and bright red. The flowers can reach up to 3 centimeters width. Decorative varieties of pomegranate trees can have pink, cream or white flowers.
Aside from this decorative appearance the most attractive thing about pomegranates are its fruits.

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Pomegranate fruits have a yellow-brown to reddish brown shell and the size of an apple. Inside, there’s the juicy red pulp which surrounds the countless delicious seeds.
Dwarf Pomegranate Varieties
Fruiting Varieties
“Nana”– This is the most famous pomegranate tree among dwarf varieties. This variety grows in USDA Zones 7 to 11 and it’s a really prosperous and thriving tree. If you plant this variety in a container it will grow up to only 1m in height and provide orange to garnet flowers that produce small fruits with viable seeds.
“Provence” –If you are looking for a more resistant pomegranate variety than the province is the right choice. It can survive on temperature down to 5 F (-150 C), so it can thrive in cold climate.
“State fair” – This variety will thrive just fine in a container. It can reach up to 1.5m height and it can be grown in USDA Zones 7 to 11.
Ornamental Varieties
“Flore Pleno” – The name itself means “double flower” and in summer this variety produces countless beautiful orange-red flowers, and no fruits.
Punica granatum “Madame Legrelle” – This ornamental variety of pomegranate tree can have its pride in the dense double flowers that come in shiny orange to salmon colour with white border.
Proliferation and Growing Pomegranates in Containers
The best time for proliferation is from spring to summer when the temperature remains in range of 68 F (200 C). Pomegranate trees can be propagated either by cuttings or by seeds. In order to avoid waiting very long time to get the fruits you can buy a 2-3 years old plant from nursery or online.

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