Lidia Fecioru – How does every woman in the zodiac love: “Libra is the cat woman”

Lidia Fecioru – How does every woman in the zodiac love: “Libra is the cat woman”
Every woman is unique in her own way. Lidia Fecioru revealed how each native of the zodiac loves.
Aries – She’s your rival wife.

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The man struggles with her in the house. She needs a very strong man in life to hold his own against her storms. The husband must be a man with her. When she finds such a partner she marries him immediately.
Taurus – She’s the motivating wife. She marries cute, funny men because she is more fun.

They do not like men who are good-for-nothing, but successful. She will methodically destroy her man’s brains.
Gemini – She’s the mirror woman. She’s full of mysticism. She’s secretive, but also dangerous. She knows for sure what she wants to take, but she will not show her real face.

A very strong man can be happy with this woman. Often, she’s left by her partner because she’s trying to control his life.
Cancer – She’s the ideal woman. You have to convince her to marry. The husband will have a whole arsenal – a woman, beautiful, smart, a mistress and good housewife.

Family for her is the most important.
Leo – She’s the princess woman. She’ll only marry a man who puts his world at her feet. He needs to throw nice furs and words to her feet. The man has to give her everything she needs.
Virgo – She’s the smart woman. You can talk about anything with her.

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She gives you wise advice. She’s good as a wife and a good friend. From selfishness, she does not really let her husband have friends. There are times when she attacks with sophisticated methods. It passes quickly and she knows how to ask for forgiveness.
Libra – She’s the cat woman. She’s nice, fine. She’s not much of a housewife, she’s more into intellectual work. Without her, the house is deserted. She gives sense to the house and family. She feels the need for affection.
Scorpio – She’s like a witch. She can drive any man wild, if he behaves very well with her, she will somehow wish him in some way to be rich and successful. She’s beautiful and smart. And her husband must be strong and caring.

Sagittarius – Like a combat comrade. She’ll go with you in water and fire. She’ll look for the man she can stand behind. Many times to be successful with this woman you must have an arsenal to drive away potential suitors.
Capricorn – She’s the woman with principles. She always has a clear idea of what she needs to do, who to marry and what the man should bring into the family. She often believes love is stupid. She will not marry hurriedly. She is very careful and selective.
Aquarius – The woman of fun. She likes showing off. She’s the woman who does not really have any gift with housework. Family life should be fun. The husband will not be bored with her.
Pisces – The actress wife. You won’t get bored with her, she builds all sorts of mysteries, and waits for her lover to guess them. She is sensitive and wants her husband to be like a stone wall. She’s a wife for life. If she does not find a friend in a husband, she’ll go!

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