List of 10 food products from China to be avoided that are filled with plastic and pesticides.

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Plastic Rice
Chinese authorities have found fake rice sold in China. This rice is believed to consist of potatoes and a synthetic resin! This rice stayed hard after boiling and caused the same adverse effects as fake peas, and its long-term use leads to cancer.

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Once again, the purpose of the manufacturers was to profit from the fake variant, while selling it as the popular type of Chinese rice called Wuchang.
Industrial salt sold as table salt
Due to the adverse effects of its consumption,

the industrial salt is labeled as “unfit for human consumption,”, but it is much cheaper. Within the last 13 years, 788 tons of it was sold by at least 12 people.
This harmful salt leads to mental and physical issues, including reproductive system disorders and hypothyroid issues.

Making beef out of pork
Pork is much cheaper in China, so it has been sold as beef in Chinese restaurants. It is chemically processed, added a beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” it in 90 minutes. Experts recommend people to stay away from the fake beef meat, as its long-term use leads to deformity, poisoning, and even cancer.

Baby formula
The CBS News reported that almost 50 people were accused of manufacturing fake instant baby formula, which caused numerous deaths in children in the Fuyang province, China in 2004. This instant baby formula included only a few nutrients, and it was mostly made of chalk.

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All the children who consume it developed a “big head disease”, manifested by swelled heads, and slow deterioration of the rest of the body.
Mud sold as black pepper
This is shocking as well! In China’s Guangdong Province, it was reported on the local news that a market vendor sold local mud as black pepper. Also, the white pepper was mainly made out of flour, and when he was caught by the authorities, he only said that his product would not kill people. Unbelievable!
Walnuts stuffed with cement
In 2012, a Chinese guy has purchased shelled walnuts in Zhengzhou city, China, and he found broken concrete pieces inside. The concrete has been wrapped in paper to prevent the suspicious noise when the nut was shaken.
He intended to sell these walnuts and profit a lot, as they are much heavier than the real ones.

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