A natural remedy that rejuvenates the liver. 3 ingredients for the “sieve” that sifts toxins in the body

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5. The liver normalizes blood circulation in the same way that a dam directs the course of a river. Like a sponge, it reduces blood congestion that could interfere with the functioning of the heart, absorbing up to 1.5 l of blood to restore normal circulation. When congestion has been eliminated, he returns this blood back to the body.

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A weak or tired liver lacks the necessary flexibility to temporarily “swallow” such a quantity of blood. Because of this, the body loses a precious normalizer of its blood circulation.
6. The liver also harmoniously doses the amount of hormones in the blood, metabolizes the fats and proteins, stores the vitamins and sugar in such a way that they are ready to be used at any time.

Among other things, he fixes the building materials needed to rebuild and strengthen those parts of the body that have suffered injuries or wear. It’s also the one that eliminates excess cholesterol. A weak or tired liver will let your body age quickly without bringing the hormones that are indispensable to it. It no longer digests the fats and proteins we need.

Vitamins and sugar can no longer be stored, the affected or worn parts of our body are neither reinforced nor rebuilt; and cholesterol invades our blood vessels.
7. The liver ensures a permanent or constant internal temperature. A weak or tired liver can no longer fulfil its thermal function, thus causing us to suffer from cold or heat.

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8. The liver produces a number of essential blood components, including prothrombin and fibrin, which allow the blood to clot; heparin that makes it fluid; and globulin, a substance that protects or immunizes it against various infections. A weak or tired liver is deprived of the necessary substances to coagulate the blood, exposes us to the risk of bleeding, and lets the blood thicken (becoming dense, viscous) at the expense of the blood vessels and the heart.

It thus abandons us, without defence, in the face of disease.
9. The liver is also directly responsible for blood balance, it normalizes the percentage of iron contained in red blood cells. A weak or tired liver cannot intervene to alleviate the suffering of our cells, which will be starved because of unbalanced and anaemic blood.
An entire book would not be enough to accurately describe all the operations, transmutations, transformations, reconstructions, fixations and syntheses elaborated by the liver, which is an unpaired organ.
To completely penetrate the mysteries of all its actions would be equivalent to understanding the miracle of life.
What can you do to help the liver?
We present for you a natural drink with a wealth of health benefits:
 Purifies the blood
 Regenerates the liver
 Detoxifies the body
 Prevents inflammatory processes and infections
 Fights against cancer
 Acts as an antioxidant
 Improves metabolism
 Reduces the level of blood sugar and cholesterol
 Has beneficial effect on the skin

2 lemons
1 cucumber
1 handful of parsley
200 ml of water
Method of preparation and use
Put the ingredients through a blender to get a fine drink. Consume the mixture for one month, 1-2 glasses a day. Take a 2-week break, then repeat the treatment.

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