This pancake recipe is so easy even beginners can do it

This pancake recipe is so easy even beginners can do it
Everyone loves pancakes, and it would seem that they’re easy enough to make. Yet for the inexperienced cook, making the perfect pancake can be difficult. We’ve found a recipe which will help you to make absolutely ideal pancakes, even if you’ve never cooked them before!

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We guarantee they’ll be thin, spongy, and soft — the kind that goes perfectly with all kinds of toppings! And it’s all down to one secret ingredient — starch…
Ingredients (serves four):
Half a cup (300 ml) of boiling water

Half a cup (300 ml) of milk
3/4 cup of flour
3/4 cup of starch
2 eggs
1.5 tablespoons of butter

1.5 tablespoons of sugar
Half a teaspoon of salt
How to prepare:
Whisk the eggs together with the sugar. Add the salt and vanilla.

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Whilst continuing to whisk, add the milk and gradually pour in the flour and starch.
Whilst still whisking, add the butter (it should be allowed to warm up and become soft beforehand) and then the boiled water — in this case very carefully, so that it forms a very thin stream as you pour.

Leave the mixture for around 30 minutes. That way the ingredients will come together better and it will be easier to cook the pancakes.
You’re now ready to cook the pancakes using the usual method — pour a thin layer of the mixture onto a frying pan, leave for a couple of minutes, then turn over.
Now just select your topping — according to your desire! But remember, pancakes are often as tasty without any additions as they are with them. The most important thing is just to cook them in very large numbers!

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