Papaya Seeds Detoxify Liver & Kidneys, Fights Cancer And Helps With Digestion

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Papaya seeds possess strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help protect and detoxify the kidneys. At the University of Karachi, they found that these seeds are helpful for managing kidney disease and preventing renal failure and that it is particularly useful for poisoning related kidney disease.

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Research on mice shows promising improvements in cardiovascular health. A compound found in papaya called Carpaine was found to be efficient for lowering diastolic, systolic and mean arterial blood pressure.

Just a handful of papaya seeds also kill bacteria such as E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella. They help in preventing bacteria from multiplying and staying in our body. They also work very well for food poisoning. Furthermore, they are successful in fighting viral infections and helping with dengue fever, typhoid, and some other infections.

Especially the leaves of the Papaya tree help with Dengue fever. Eating papaya seeds a few times per week can reduce the chance of getting Dengue fever. In fact, papaya seeds have already been utilized broadly in Costa Rica for Dengue Fever infections.
Papaya: Health Benefits

Heart disease: The fiber, potassium and vitamin content in papaya all help to ward off heart disease. An increase in potassium intake along with a decrease in sodium intake is the most important dietary change that a person can make to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

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The choline is a very important and versatile nutrient in papayas that aids our bodies in sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. Choline also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.
Skin and healing: When used topically, mashed papaya appears to be beneficial for promoting wound healing and preventing infection of burned areas. Researchers believe that the proteolytic enzymes chymopapain and papain in papaya are responsible for it’s beneficial effects.2 Ointments containing the papain enzyme have also been used to treat decubitus ulcers or bedsores.
Papaya is also great for your hair because it contains vitamin A, a nutrient required for sebum production that keeps hair moisturized. Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin and hair.
Adequate intake of vitamin C, which papaya can provide, is needed for the building and maintenance of collagen, which provides structure to skin and hair.

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