The shape of your feet reveal your personality.

We often hear about how our hand lines can describe us, and fortune tellers or ‘hand readers’ are well-known a little everywhere.

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But never had I heard of a “foot reader”. Apparently though, these do exist! In essence, the idea is that our feet can describe us the same way that our hands and hand lines can. Jane Sheehan is one such foot reader.

After reading through this, I still can’t say for sure whether I believe these theories or not, but what’s certain is that the description provided for my foot was on the ball.

More than anything, this made for a very interesting read and something to share with everyone 🙂 Take a look below to find out which personality type you have.

Foot A: The big toe is the biggest, but otherwise your toes are proportionate.

This is called a Roman foot. If you have one, you’re very outgoing and charismatic. You are a sociable person who can speak in front of large crowds and are most certainly a good businessman/woman.

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Foot B: If you have a “square foot” – that is, all your toes are of equal length – you’re pretty quiet, but very wise and sensible.

Especially when it comes to hard decisions.

You are a person who is always there when friends need you.

Foot C: Here’s the “Greek foot”, where your second toe is longer than your big toe. If you have a Greek foot, then you are enthusiastic and driven. This foot type is common amon athletes, politicians, artists and innovators.

You are a natural leader.

Foot D: The “outstretched” foot type has toes that sit very close to each other.

Most often, the big toe is the largest, with the remaining toes getting smaller and smaller. People with this foot type are characterized as impulsive and mysterious.

They highly value their personal privacy.

For me, this was right on the dot! Please share if it was true for you too.


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