What does your sleeping position say about your personality?

The way we sleep is actually beyond our control.

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When we fall deep into our sleep, our bodies are controlled not by our choices but by our unconscious mind.

We end up taking a position in bed which our unconscious mind thinks is the best. It, therefore, reveals a lot about our thoughts, our worries and the things that kept us occupied during our waking hours.

In our sleep, our thoughts wander, our dreams or nightmares become more active and our sense of judgment is no longer within our controls. If we sleep in an open posture it reveals something about our thoughts and if we close ourselves, it reveals something else.

Here are the 8 most common sleeping positions. Find out which is yours and what it says about you.

#1 The fetal position

This is when your entire body curls up as if you are cold and are protecting yourself from the winds. People who usually sleep in this position show amazing personality traits.

They are really tough on the outside, ready to take on the world but extremely sensitive from the inside. They would never reveal their inner thoughts but they feel emotions deeply and are highly attached to those they love. They get hurt easily but have the strength to get back on their feet and move on.

#2 The log position

This is the position when you sleep straight on your back with your hands by the side and straight. These are the kind of people who rarely have anything to hide.

They are social butterflies and love mingling with others. Very open with their personalities, they are an open book.

They are highly active in social circles and there is really little that bothers them. The sleeping position may look very static and dull but they are one of the most socially active people.

#3 The starfish

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This is a position where you may sleep on your back or your stomach but you take up as much space as possible.

Your legs and hand may take any position to occupy space. People who sleep in this position are highly laid back, carefree, and jovial by nature.

They are natural caretakers and they are genuine helpers. They are the ones who would go out of their way to help others and won’t even ask for a thing in return. Their carefree nature makes them as free as a bird and their sleeping position shows that.

#4 The Stargazer

This is the position you occupy when you are out in the open gazing at the stars. Your body is relaxed, your hands above your head and your body is open.

These are the kind of people who are creative by nature. They are more about ideas and thoughts than anything else. They love creating new things, thinking new thoughts and having deep conversations. They are truly the dreamers of the world.

#5 Side sleepers

Side sleepers are those who sleep on their sides in a fixed position for most of the night. People who sleep like this are generally easy-going and funny but extremely protective of their ideas. Their opinions mean a lot to them and they guard their thoughts zealously.

They are also very protective of people they love and their position is ideal for a cuddle which shows how sensitive and caring they can really be.

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