This small fruit is a real treasure: it cures prostate, combats constipation and prevent stomach cancer, colon and intestine

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Fatty Acids: Although many people think of fats as bad things to put into our body, we actually need a wide variety of essential fatty acids for many of the natural processes in our body. For example, the oleic and linoleic acid in golden berries actually lower the amount of “bad” cholesterol in our bodies and re-establishes the cholesterol balance to ensure heart health in a different way.

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Withanolide Content: You don’t often hear about withanolides in health food discussions, as they are quite rare, but they are found in golden berries. These unique organic compounds, similar to those found in ginseng, are powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that can prevent apoptosis, or automatic cell death, and can slow or even reverse the spread of cancerous cells throughout the body.

Full of Protein and Fiber
For those living a vegetarian lifestyle, ensuring adequate protein can be a concern (particularly for new vegetarians or vegans). Golden berries consist of 16% protein – just one ounce of dried berries contains 2 grams of protein.

On top of that, the same serving will provide you with 15% of your daily requirement of dietary fiber to keep your digestive system happy and help your stomach feel full longer, without bloating.
The antioxidant in these berries can protect against the harmful affects of free radicals and suppress the growth of tumors.

Golden berries contain withanolide which is a compound that prevents cell deterioration and slows and even reverses the spreading of cancer causing cells. These berries can protect the organs of the body from the effect of cancers.
Chock Full of Vitamin Goodness

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Eating golden berries is nearly as good as taking a multivitamin – maybe even better. One serving of dried golden berries provides an astonishing 45% of your daily value of vitamin A, as well as vitamins C, B1, B2, and B6. The same single serving includes a 6% daily serving of iron.
Clear Skin, Clear Breathing
The anti-inflammatory properties of golden berries have been used for centuries to help sufferers of asthma, as well as various skin conditions and even optic nerve disorders.
Controls Blood Pressure
Intake of golden berries can support the circulatory system and control the blood flow in the body. They reduce the inflammation in the arteries and the blood vessels and thereby lowers hypertension and high blood pressure.
Cholesterol And Heart Health
People with heart ailments are advised to take golden berries as it is known to strengthen the blood vessels and capillaries of the heart. The oleic acid and the linoleic acid in this fruit help in lowering the bad cholesterol and manage the cholesterol levels to keep cardiovascular diseases at bay.

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  1. Where can you buy these I have never seen or heard of them before. What is the name of them please

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