This vitamin deficiency causes migraines and headaches – here’s how to fix it

This vitamin deficiency causes migraines and headaches – here’s how to fix it
A migraine is a very unpleasant medical condition which leads to a lot of pain. The experience of a migraine on a regular basis makes the pain more unbearable.

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Generally, we just go for a painkiller to treat a migraine but it is very important to first know about the causes of a migraine and then tackle it in a proper way. The treatment of a migraine should initiate from the reason behind the medical condition.
Based on the medical research the linkage between B vitamin deficiencies

and migraines is well proved. Thus, if you are experiencing headaches and migraines more frequently then it can be due to vitamin B deficiency and definitely you should try the supplements of vitamin B to treat a migraine.
Some of the scientific studies support the treatment of supplementation on the migraines as the research has proved that supplements of folic acid, Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines.

In the medical research recently a scientific study was conducted on 52 people, who are patients of migraines on a regular basis. The supplements of the vitamin were provided a treatment to them. The results were amazing, around 50% of the reduction in migraines has observed among the people on vitamin supplements.

Whereas people who had not taken vitamin supplements has experienced no change in frequency of a migraine.
It will be a shocking news for you that 15% of the population is actually a victim of frequency and unpleasant migraines and the number of women suffering from migraines is just twice in number.

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One more important information about the migraines is that it is not only related to pain in the head. The symptoms like sensitivity to light or sound, nausea and vomiting are also related to a migraine. People should make a note that the anxiety, flashes of light, tingling sensation in arms or legs along with bling spots are also due to migraines.
So, if you are facing any of the above symptoms then be sure that it is because of migraines and you should include vitamin supplements in your migraine treatment. This will defiantly prevent the future attack of migraines.
Apart from the supplements of vitamin B, it is always good to increase the natural intake of food which are a rich source of vitamin B. Few changes in your diet can help you to prevent and eventually stop the migraines. Below is the list of food which provides ample amount of vitamin B to our body-

Dried and fresh fruits
Now, it will be extremely easy for you to prevent the migraines and get rid of a painful headache. Add vitamin B supplements in the treatment and start consumption of food rich in vitamin B to treat migraines instantly!

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