Your underwear can cause health problems

Your underwear can cause health problems
Underwear can cause you all sorts of problems, from minor issues such as a general discomfort, to more serious concerns, such as vaginal candidiasis.
To make sure you do not have problems, it would be ideal to wear only 100% natural lingerie, such as that made from cotton, as this material allows the skin to breathe and does not put your health in jeopardy.

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Ever you lingerie cut and shape are important because there are patterns that can give you headaches, being too moulded to the curvature of your body.
Mistakes you make when choosing your underwear
You prefer synthetic materials – synthetic materials may look better while they are on the body, and may be more discreet when you want your underwear not to be seen under the clothes you are wearing.

On the other hand, lycra, and polyester and nylon are extremely unhealthy for your intimate areas. Silk, even if it is a natural material, is not recommended when it comes to lingerie. Specialists claim that synthetic and silky materials do not allow the skin to breathe, which means that moisture is blocked on the surface of the skin, which increases the risk of a bacterial infection.

You choose overly figure hugging patterns – underwear patterns that hug your body a little bit too close may favour skin rubbing and irritation in your intimate area, especially for women who have entered menopause. Moreover, such patterns do not benefit any silhouette, highlighting areas that you would not want anyone to see.

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You wear form defining or altering underwear – lingerie that shapes your body can block your blood circulation, or even affect your nerves. Due to the fact that it is very difficult to take off this type of underwear, women who wear it tend to be more abstinent when they need to go to the toilet, which is also harmful to their health.

You choose thong type lingerie – If you are prone to fungal ailments and bacterial infections, you should avoid intimate underwear of the thong variety, as you may cause serious problems. This type of linen carries the bacteria from the anal area to the vaginal area. Also, the fact that thong underwear is constantly moving in the intimate area makes this an unhealthy choice as it favours the appearance of irritation.
You do not wash underwear properly – itching and irritation in the intimate area may also occur due to allergies to the products you use when washing underwear. Contact dermatitis occurs especially because of an aggressive detergent. Choose a perfume-free detergent, preferably a hypoallergenic one, to avoid such problems.

So if you do not want to have any health problems because of your lingerie, follow the following rules:
• Only wear lingerie from 100% natural fabrics
• Avoid thong type underwear
• Wear body shaping lingerie only for special occasions, and then be careful to choose a model that does not mould to you too tightly
• Wash your lingerie with products for allergic people
• Always buy your own underwear size, never a smaller one.

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