VIDEO: With this trick you get better makeup than a makeup artist

VIDEO: With this trick you get better makeup than a makeup artist
Makeup is the basic tool of women and most of the times the effects are magical. Makeup is a real art today and it helps us to change our look according to our state of mind, the moments of the day or the event we attend.

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In this article, we want to show you how you can make an exceptional appearance thanks to a gorgeous makeup with shades of champagne for eyes and coral colour lipstick.
The champagne tones used in the eyes give warmth to your look and have a fresh and natural effect.

I’ve also prepared a movie where you can see step by step how you can achieve this makeup, but first, here are the basic steps to follow:
1. Before you begin to apply makeup, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your skin with a cleansing and moisturizing facial tonic.
2. Then apply the foundation, in the example of the video this is an anti-wrinkle cream that is applied all over the face with a special brush.

3. By using a round sponge, apply the foundation, in a tone as close as possible to your complexion, so that your makeup looks natural.
4. The next step is to apply a highlighter to the chin and forehead, and under the eye a corrector, to mask dark circles. A Bobby Brown corrector is used in the video, but of course you can use any other corrector.

We then use a free, translucent powder for setting the makeup.
5. Then, contour the eyebrows with a dark coloured makeup.
6. For the eyes, using a thin brush, we draw a line over the lower eyelid, from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Draw the line a little further, beyond the eye line.

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The length of such a line should be created independently, the choice will depend on the makeup style and the shape of the eye.
Before applying colours, divide the eye into four areas: the arch, the eyelid, the fold and the eyelash line. The lightest colour is applied to the arch, immediately below the eyebrows, to highlight the eyebrow line. The same shade should be applied to the inner corner of the eye. The next shade, a little darker, is applied to the eyelid and homogenized with a soft brush. The next step is to apply a darker shade to the outer corner, then climb the fold line to shape the eye.

If you do not know how to identify the fold of your eyelid, keep your eyes on sight and observe the line that is naturally formed between the eyelid and the arch – there you must apply the darker shadow. Stretch the shinier colour on the eyelid, towards the outer corner of the eye, to give your look light. The same shade is applied it to the lower eyelid.
7. The last step is to apply a gloss the colour of papaya or coral, but obviously you can apply any shade you think is best suited to eye makeup that seems quite natural.

Do not forget to watch the video below for more details:

Good luck and … be beautiful!

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