Watch! Rare white giraffes captured on video for the first time ever

Watch! Rare white giraffes captured on video for the first time ever
Conservationists in Kenya encountered a rare treat in Kenya. They spotted and were able to photograph, for the first time, a pair of rare white giraffes–a mother and her calf. These remarkable animals likely have what’s called leucism, which inhibits skin cells from producing pigment.

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The conservationists noted that while the mother was completely white, a faded pattern was still visible on the baby’s skin.
While some may confuse these white giraffes for albinos, their is a distinct difference in the two conditions.
Leucism allows other organs, like eyes, to be dark colored.

Albinism, on the other hand, is a congenital condition that inhibits the body from producing pigment in all organs. Animals with this condition often have pink eyes.
White giraffe sightings, although rare, have become more common in recent times. The last case was in a giraffe calf at Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park.

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“This is new to us,” a community ranger reportedly said. “I remember when I was a kid, we never saw them. It must be very recent and we are not sure what is causing it.”
The giraffe’s conditions don’t pose any genetic threat to their life expectancy–not more than any other giraffe. However, there have been some concerns as to whether or not the giraffes would be more likely to attract poachers.

And this isn’t the first time in recent months that a completely white animal garnered a photographer’s attention. Earlier this year, a white moose made an appearance in Sweden.
Watch the stunning footage of the completely white giraffes in Kenya:


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