His wife storms out of the house angrily and leaves him alone with their son. 2 days later, she gets this letter.

His wife storms out of the house angrily and leaves him alone with their son. 2 days later, she gets this letter.
A father gets back home after an exhausting day of work. He just wants to watch the football match without having to put up with children screaming or doing household chores.

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But on this day, his wife can’t take it any longer and leaves him. His world falls apart when he is left alone with his children. These are his words:
“My dear,
Two days ago we had a big fight. I got home tired from work. It was 8pm and all I wanted to do was sit and watch the match.

When I saw you, you were exhausted and in a bad mood. The children were fighting and the baby was crying while you were trying to put him to sleep. I just turned up the TV volume. ‘It wouldn’t kill you to help out a bit and get more involved in your children’s upbringing,’ you told me upset while you turned down the TV volume.

I replied angrily: ‘I have spent the whole day working so you can stay at home playing with the doll’s house.’ The argument went on and on. You cried because you were angry and tired. I said cruel things to you. You shouted, saying you couldn’t take it any longer. You stormed out of the house crying and left me alone with the children.

I had to feed the children dinner and get them ready for bed. The next day you still hadn’t come back and I had to ask my boss for the day off to stay and look after the kids. I experienced the tantrums and cries. I experienced having to run around all day not having a moment free to even take a bath.

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I experienced having to heat the milk, get a child dressed and clean the kitchen, all at the same time.
I experienced being locked up the whole day without speaking to anyone over 10 years old.
I experienced not being able to sit nicely at a table to enjoy a relaxed meal in my own time, for the sake of having to run after a child.
I experienced being so mentally and physically exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep straight through for 20 hours solid, but had to wake up three hours after falling asleep because the baby was crying.
I lived two days and two nights in your shoes and I can tell you, I get it.
I get your tiredness.
I get that being a mom is a constant sacrifice.
I get that it is more exhausting than being among company big shots for 10 hours and making financial decisions.
I get the frustration of giving up your profession and economic freedom so you can be there for your children.
I get the uncertainty that your economic security doesn’t depend on you any longer, but on your partner.
I get the sacrifices you make by not going out with your friends, doing exercise or sleeping through the night.

I get how difficult it can be, being locked up and having to look after children while feeling you are missing out on what’s going on outside.
I also get that you become upset when my mom criticizes your way of bringing up our children, because nobody knows what is best for the children like their own mother.
I get that being a mom means carrying the biggest load of society. The one that nobody appreciates, values or remunerates.
I write you this letter not only to let you know that I miss you, but also because I don’t want another day to go by without my telling you:
‘You are very brave, are doing it great and I admire you.’”
This emotional letter has been shared on Facebook more than 110,000 times. To all those moms who look after us and do so much for us although we sometimes take it for granted, this letter is for you. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!

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36 thoughts on “His wife storms out of the house angrily and leaves him alone with their son. 2 days later, she gets this letter.”

  1. nobody knows the sacurifite of rasing a baby,until they do it them self….its so hard,there not another job on earth,too compare raising a baby too.because its at the top of the job list….its harder as more baby,s are put in your life too raise…..hugs too all that put their life aside,an raise a baby…lord blessings too..

    1. yes it is hard but when you decide to be a mom or a dad then stick with it walking out is not a option its not the kids fault work it out to many people think when you say i do it means your married no it means you joined as one and you make a marriage the you celebrate your success by your strength you endured to make it work called a anniv….i was.nt the best but we hung n there and we been married 30 years kid is married and we are fine thank god.

    2. Thank you. I quit my job to be a stay at home mom because we couldn’t afford daycare. So I sacrificed everything to be home with my kids. I have no money, cant afford to get a job, and I cant get my car fixed because I have no job, but I stay home with my kids all day cleaning for them, feeding them, and changing their diapers every two seconds. I have never left so my husband could understand what its like, and I don’t ever plan to. If I want whats best for my kids, that means me being with them 24/7 no matter how stressed I get, or how exhausted I am.

  2. I was actually hoping that it was going to end with “I realize how hard this job is, but any woman who can so easily abandon her family has no right to be a mother. We’ll make it work without you.”

    1. Kevin, I will make a reply to this because apparently you did not understand the point of his letter or why the wife and mother walked out. I will also reply because I was in that woman’s shoes years and years ago struggling with 4 little children and trying to be a wonderful stay-at-home mom just like her. My children were darling but difficult to raise because of things they were dealing with health wise.
      When my youngest was less than a year old and my second youngest was less than 2 years old, and my older two were just barely in school, I had a nervous breakdown and left for two weeks leaving my husband to handle the load during that time while I got my mind and spirit together. He learned how hard I worked and that I was doing the best I could. He didn’t know when I would be back or if I would be back. I felt lost, alone and like no one understood the mental and physical stress I was under. I stayed with a cousin who I felt completely safe with. She helped me through my break down. When I was ready to go home, my husband drove 1200 miles to come get me. We talked all the way home about ways that could help me and help our marriage and family. I was able to get the help I so desperately needed.
      I’m grateful to a loving and supportive husband who stood by me and by our family. That was almost 33 years ago and now we’ve been married for 42 years.
      Do you think that man should give his wife the boot for her having a breakdown and they should ruin a marriage? Is that all you think love is about? No, it is standing by your spouse and supporting them and give understanding and putting yourself in their shoes and then, serving them.
      Kevin, I sincerely hope you consider these things before you get married. A wife and young mother or even a mother of older children needs support. Besides, it’s called parenting for a reason – it takes two to be parents. It’s not just one sided on the mother’s part. And I will say – It hurts a lot to be away from the children!!! The mother was in pain – mentally and physically. Please think about this before making your statements which may show a lack of understanding and compassion.

      1. I would like to reply to you Kevin and Suse, sorry to say Suse, leaving your children is a hard call and not a great roll model, I have raised 3 children all with asthma and one of them was chronic, they are all now adults, plus I looked after many children in the area that were having problems with their mothers/fathers, I was also a family day care mother for 5 years and looked after 87 different children and many DOCS cases really sad cases. So Kevin making his comment was spot on. If you want children then take the responsibility of caring for them no matter what, you come last they come first, my husband worked and I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home and I loved every moment, being a mother is the hardest job but also the most rewarding, when my husband and parted after 23 years, I raised my children on my own and it was hard work and through the break up I had a break down, but the break down was supported by my children, they pulled me through it by being there. I miss the days where the house was full on and now when I have my grandchildren I love every moment as they are small for such a short time and adults forever… enjoy your children make those sacrifices, as they never asked to be born, you wanted them, look after them and never leave them.

    2. Kevin,
      nothing easy about her decision, she HAD to go away for few days, period… but most lukely you wouldn’t understand this…

    3. I can see why you might feel that way Kevin, but maybe she needed a break, maybe he wouldn’t have understood without her taking one. With a baby in the home, she could have had postpartum depression and taking a step back could be a really good idea. Basically, you have this snap shot of this family, and it’s not enough information to make big judgements about who she is.

    4. Because she had absolutely no right to feel exasperated by an argument where there could be no winner? You my friend; are arrogant and don’t deserve to be a life long partner to anyone that sacrifices daily for your family’s’ comfort.

    5. My thoughts also! Yes being a mommy is a difficult job that deserves our appreciation, but no one, mother or father should EVER ABANDON THEIR FAMILY!!

    6. Eh, She was gone two days. It didn’t say that they didn’t know where she was. She very easily could have said she was going to stay with her parents and been making arrangements for her children or hoping that he would have this reaction when he realized how much she actually contributes. That is not an easy decision for any parent to make, but she clearly knew that he wasn’t going to neglect the children when she was gone.

    7. It’s not abandonment if she left them with their FATHER and she came back, not like she left forever or a really long time.

    8. I am another and if her children were more disiplined and not running around all day it would be different. My son was told you don’t run in the house but outdoors and that was it. A ten yr old should know better. Sounds to me the house needs to be more organized. I was a very easy going Mother and never had these problems and when off from work with children my house worked like a well oiled machine.

    9. I was also hoping it would end with “Don’t bother trying to come back. When you walked out that door you not only walked out on me, but the children as well. There was a simple solution, it was called talking but drama worked better for you. Have an amazing life and enjoy your freedom”.

      btw, I am a Mother of 4 children and a Grandmother of 7.

      1. thats right..in this case ,she probably felt it was one way to show her husband and help him understand ,how she felt ,and went through everyday morning to night.sometimes when your in a situation,,you dont know whats happening.and how the other feels, arguing back and forth doesnt solve anything,neither one is hearing the other ,only themselves ,her stepping outside the situation ,helped her husband ,and he realized what she went through ,appreciated her more ,etc,children are always first ,,needed ,loved no matter how tough it gets,its team work,live everyday with positive spirit!!!go go go

    10. And the reason it didn’t is because he knew it wasn’t an easy decision for her to make. But they both also knew that this was the only way to make him see that raising children is much, much more than staying home and “playing dollhouse.” However, your comment is proof that it takes a drastic measure to open up someone’s eyes. So thank you.

    11. Kevin. You neither deserve to be a father nor husband with that comment. Leaving children with their father is abandoning them. Of course, if you were their Dad, it would be abandoment. The cheek of you!

    12. This was my exact thought too. She needs to go to a lush hotel/spa, get a massage, order some amazing créme brûlée from room service, turn on Netflix and queue up some ‘Kramer vs Kramer’. And start writing her own letter explaining to her kids why she bailed, esp. if she thought her husband was so inadequate for the job.

    13. do you really think it was easy for her to leave her baby’s with that dad who didn’t have a clue? I’ve been there and just wanted to sleep for ever. Better she get some help or hurt herself or the kids

  3. Kevin, it sad that all you got out of that story was her taking aloa, and calling it abandoning, she didn’t abandon them, no where in that story did it state that. For you to be so hateful with your reply is really too bad. Clearly your didn’t learn a thing

  4. I feel bad for the husband. I understand it takes two to raise a child and he should contribute more, but as an (assumed) stay at home wife, you don’t just walk out of your house for two days after being set up to where your husband does all the working and pays the bills. Not only is it incredibly selfish, but the husband had to call off work, potentially leaving himself in a vulnerable position in his job where he could get fired.

  5. It is really hard to understand what is necessary to do even a half way decent job with several children. Especially if you stay home. Everyone expects the house to be spotless the kids bathed homework done. Cook a gourmet meal and then swing from the chandeliers not to mention look like a Victoria secret model while doing so. So sometimes a little drama is necessary to get the point across. Otherwise we may not notice. Peace out everyone. None of it is easy

  6. How do you know it was EASY is was for her to leave? It takes a community to raise a child. When one’s community is reduced to just one person self preservation is sometimes the best solution to a problem. This mother left her child in the care of its father. It takes a lot more than money to make one a good father. Maybe this father will have a little more empathy and be a little less self absorbed in the future. I hope she finds the support she so deserately needs.

  7. it’s all about Moms these days. And women in general. What about fathers? have they no place in society anymore? This is crap. I say leave the “lady” and get someone who wouldn’t run out when things got tuff. My Mom never did, and I’m sure we gave her hell. This woman is way out of line…that line about admiring you” should be said to the husband, not the mom.

  8. I find this funny. All I hear from the letter is that they both worked hard all day, her raising the family and him providing for it. Yet as soon as he gets off all the women want him to continue working. How about if you are a stay at home mom, you are allowed one or two of his days off a week for yourself while he takes care of the kids and then taking turns every other night? Seems like a compromise . All I hear is that the woman is the only one that deserves a break and the man should just do everything. Everyone complaining saying it takes a village, or that he should do his part. How is making enough money to provide clothes, food, and roof over everyone’s head not doing his part? I understand that he should help, every husband should, but she’s not the only one that deserves a break. Call a babysitter, hire a nanny, do anything but walk out. And he shouldn’t have written that letter either. She does a hard job and he didn’t recognize it, so what else do you do but abandon the kids who are wondering where you are every second they don’t see you in the house. That makes perfect sense. And then when she comes back after her mini vacation and he has no job cause he hasn’t been able to work, I hope she feels like shit as they’re struggling with enough money to buy groceries at the dollar tree all cause she couldn’t just talk it through with him.

  9. If a man takes care of his children for a couple of days, he’s a hero. If a woman leaves her children for a couple of days she is a bad mother, a bad woman, a bad person.
    Would that family be better off if she kept her mouth shut and moved forward exhausted and miserable? Of did everyone benefit from her courage to say she needs help from her husband, and understanding? I think the hero of this story is the mother who removed herself from her children because she needed to regroup to be a positive, effective parent.

  10. You left for drugs and partying and the bar. New man ,watching his kid doing nothing for your for 8 months kim Gerarden you are not a mother your a sad excuse yang human being don’t send me this crap it’s no where near the same

  11. Prior communication and sharing of responsibilities are the solution. If they did these duties since day 1 of their marriage, they should understand the hardships that they undergo. If they have enough communication, somehow, the mother will understand the hardships of being the father, and the father will also understand all the hardships of being a mother. Regardless of whether an individual has a family, a spouse, kids or whatever to understand this, still, communication and sharing of responsibilities is essential to solve the problems BEFORE they occur.

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