You will never throw coffee grounds away after reading this article

You will never throw coffee grounds away after reading this article
Coffee can have more roles than to wake you up in the morning. In this article we have prepared some ideas for other uses of coffee.
1. Keep the pests away
Put coffee grounds over the plants to keep away ants, snails, bugs or other pests.

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Added to the soil of flowers in your vase or your garden it is a natural fertilizer: rose bushes, azaleas, rhododendron, and camellias get along well with the minerals, vitamins and nitrogen present in the coffee grounds.
Also, flowers that benefit from natural manure from coffee grounds will not be spoiled by playful tomcats, because they are not attracted by the smell of coffee and stay away from the area.

2. Caffeine for carrots
Before sowing the carrot seeds, sprinkle some dry coffee grounds on the soil. It will give energy to the seeds and the carrots will get bigger. In addition, as I said above, the pests will stay away.
3. Cleaning agent

Coffee grounds are excellent for cleaning dirty surfaces. You can mix them with a little detergent to be even more effective in cleaning.
4. Solution against unpleasant odours
If the refrigerator has an unpleasant odour, put inside a plate with dry coffee grounds and the smell will disappear soon.

5. Body scrub
Don’t buy who knows what expensive scrub in the shop. You can use coffee grounds. Just add some warm water or a little coconut oil and it’s ready.
6. Caffeine for hair

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Before taking a shower, massage your scalp with coffee grounds. You will see that after washing it your hair will be shinier and healthier
Other uses for coffee grounds
A headache should be removed first with a simple coffee. Migraine drugs are based on caffeine, as well as cellulite-relieving products.
Coffee grounds are ideal for massage, and caffeine is also an active ingredient in many anti-cellulite creams. But how many people today have the patience to apply natural remedies that require time and patience?
Funny thing is, these tricks really work out. Not instantly (in the case of cellulite), but perseverance is rewarded. So, beginning with your next pot or coffee filter, add a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil to the hot grounds. Apply by lightly massaging the mix on the legs, abdomen, hips etc. and then wrap the problem areas with plastic food foil.

After 15, 20 minutes the plastic is removed and the grounds are rinsed with warm water. For good results, the operation resumes 2 times a week for an unlimited period. Also with the help of coffee and a spoon of natural honey (or an egg), you can make a scrub for the body and the face you have to apply weekly. In addition, a refreshed coffee grounds solution with water, chilled and applied on tan skin with a spray gun and left for 20 minutes to act, keeps the bronze more intense. Also, raven hair or dark brown hair can get special shades if it is rinsed with a cup of coffee (unsweetened). Leave to act for 5 minutes and wash with plenty of water.

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