How To Easily Lighten Dark Underarms Using These Common Kitchen Ingredients!

How To Easily Lighten Dark Underarms Using These Common Kitchen Ingredients!
Hyper-pigmentation, skin conditions, chemicals included in antiperspirants and shaving creams and build up of dead skin cells are some of the reasons we get dark underarms.
The creams that dermatologists recommend are ussually too expensive

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which is one of the main reason people hate having to remove them.Fortunatelly, you can use kitchen ingredients to remove dark underarms and save money at the same time.
List of ingredients:
1.Lemon Juice
Just rub lemon juice on the darkened area for a few minutes and then

rinse it with water. Lemon has acidic characteristics which will lighten and scrub your skin at the same time. However, if you have sensitive skin you should avoid doing this.
2.Baking Soda
Mix baking soda with water and rub this on the darkened area. This is supposed to exfoliate the skin.

3.Place Potato Slices Under Arms
Take a lice of potato and rub on your underarm for 10 minutes twice a day. Since they are mildly acidic, potatoes act as a bleaching agents.
4.Cucumber Slices
The same as with the potato slices, just rub slices of cucamber on the desired area for 10

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minutes twice a day.The cucamber is a natural bleacher and it will lighten your undearms.
5.Orange Peels
Take dry orange skin and grind it into a blender and then add milk. You should get a thick paste. Rub the paste on your underarms for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Orange skin and

milk, which has lactic acid, act as bleachers.
6.Papaya Scrub
Mash 1 papaya and rub it on your skin then rinse it after 20 minutes. The papaya should regenerate your skin.
7.Remove Underarm Hair by Waxing
Try avoiding shaving since it causes dark underarms. Instead, wax your underarms to remove the hair from below the skin’s surface.
Exfoliate with a Lemon and Brown Sugar Scrub
Use lemon and brown sugar scrub to exfoliate your underarms and rub off dead skin cells, which are the main reason for dark underarms. If however you have sensetive skin use olive oil instead of lemon.
Note: if medical conditions are causing your underarms such as diabetes and endocrine disturbances (pituitary gland disorders) please visit your doctor.

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