Raw juices and smoothies for a healthy liver

Raw juices and smoothies for a healthy liver
Everything we eat or drink is processed by the liver and transformed into various chemicals the body does or does not need.
A liver suffering from hepatitis C and any other chronic illness has difficulty with its functions, so it can be helped by the food or beverage we consume.

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Nutrients in food and beverages are transformed by the liver into substances beneficial to the body, while the debris that the body does not need is carried by the bile back into the intestines and is then removed from the body. Some liver-processed substances can also be removed via the kidneys during urination.

The liver is not only responsible for the elimination of toxins in the body but also has a role in the processing of hormones. If your liver does not work as it should, hormonal imbalances such as excess oestrogen or insulin production may occur.
The toxins that the liver has the task of removing can damage the tissues.

Heavy metals, free radicals and substances that affect metabolism – they all can enter the body through food, water or air, and the liver has to make sure it protects you from them.
A healthy lifestyle and a diet based on natural products are key elements for a healthy liver – here are some examples of raw juices and smoothies that stimulate liver detoxification.

Raw carrot juice
For 2 servings of juice you need the following ingredients:
8 large carrots
10 leaves of dandelion
1 small beet

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2 apples
3 cm of ginger root
Use the blender to turn the ingredients listed above into a juice. Strain the juice with a fine sieve and consume it fresh, between meals, never after eating, as a dessert.

Beetroot juice with parsley
To prepare 1 serving of beet juice with parsley you need the following ingredients:
1 red beet
1 carrot
1 lemon without zest
1 handful of parsley
Use the blender to mix all the ingredients. Then strain the juice and consume it fresh, on an empty stomach.

Smoothie with oranges and celery
To prepare this smoothie you need the following ingredients:
2 peeled oranges
½ celery root
1 lemon without zest
½ cup of dandelion leaves
½ cup of parsley
Use the blender to turn all the ingredients into a smoothie. Serve the smoothie on an empty stomach to stimulate the activity of the liver.

Other tips that help protect your liver, especially if it’s already sick:
Avoid foods rich in unhealthy fats
Limit carbohydrate consumption
Avoid alcohol
Avoid “hear-say” treatments
Strict schedule of 8 hours of sleep per night
Practice a not so demanding sport
Adopt a balanced diet

List of foods that stimulate liver activity:
Vegetables with dark leaves
Sulphurous foods like onion and garlic
Vegetables from the cruciferous family such as broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower
Your doctor is the most capable to recommend some foods or even supplements, depending on the needs of your liver and your body.

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