Sea buckthorn plant and essential oil: benefits and uses

Sea buckthorn plant and essential oil: benefits and uses
Sea buckthorn is a natural product that can be used successfully for a variety of purposes, including as a remedy for maintaining beauty, and revitalizing and moisturizing the skin, nails and hair.
Nutritional information for 100 grams of sea buckthorn

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Vitamin C: 200 – 1.500 mg
Vitamin E: 180 mg
Folic acid: 80 mg
Carotenoids: 30-40 mg
Fatty acids: 6-11%

Flavonoids: 100-1000 mg
Benefits of sea buckthorn
It treats gastrointestinal problems
Heals infections
Improves vision

Enforces the spine
Helps maintain a healthy colon
Reduces inflammation in the body
Improves the symptoms of asthma
Contributes to the good functioning of the nervous system

Lowers cholesterol
Improves lymphatic circulation
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces hunger
Slows down the aging process

Neutralizes the effect of free radicals
Benefits the digestive mucosa
Prevents and treats colds
How do you eat sea buckthorn?
Sea buckthorn fruits can be eaten as such, in fruit salads, cakes, fruit pastes or as a juice. You need to know that the fruit of the sea buckthorn is among those with the most calories, 500 ml of fruit juice with a calorie intake of 490.
If you want to give your baby sea buckthorn and he refuses to consume it, you can incorporate it into fruit pastes he enjoys, such as banana or berry.
The health benefits obtained from the use of sea buckthorn oil will be convincing for any person who will choose to enjoy this plant.

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How does sea buckthorn oil work?
One reason people tolerate and consume sea buckthorn is that it contains omega 7 fatty acids that stimulate cellular function and maintain cell health. As a result of this, your skin, nails and hair will be more beautiful and healthier.
Also, sea buckthorn has a major role in collagen production, which is very important for the body, because as a person ages, the body produces less and less collagen.
Decreased amounts of collagen cause skin problems and wrinkles. With the help of sea buckthorn oil these inconveniences can be remedied without the need to use other types of lotions or creams.

The benefits of sea buckthorn oil
Sea buckthorn oil is one of the most effective natural products that can be used to maintain beauty. It is rich in omega fatty acids, essential for a healthy skin, strong nails, glossy and smooth hair.
Sea buckthorn has been used for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes for thousands of years, and its qualities have now been reconfirmed by researchers.
Among the benefits that any person using sea buckthorn oil can enjoy are:
– Smooth and hydrated skin
– A higher level of energy
– A powerful immune system
– Fewer wrinkles
– Rich, glossy and revitalized hair (no brittle or damaged hair).
Studies have revealed that sea buckthorn oil has other positive effects on the human body. Rich in natural antioxidants, this type of oil can improve the overall health of a person by relieving problems from cardiovascular disease to nervous system disorders.
Maintaining the optimal parameters of the function of these systems becomes more and more difficult for the human body as it grows older. With this natural product, the negative consequences of aging can be removed without the risk of potentially hazardous chemicals being ingested and without taking care of multiple drug substances or the application of various creams and lotions. Also, sea buckthorn oil can be an alternative for eliminating or blurring acne.

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