Triglycerides: Complete Guide – Find out why they are dangerous

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Are triglycerides good or not for the body?
Triglycerides are good, or even essential to the body, as they are used to be converted into energy when you need it. They become harmful if they exceed normal values.

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How are triglycerides produced?
Triglycerides are produced by storing calories consumed in order to be used when needed, being converted into energy.
The role of triglycerides in the body
Triglycerides have the role of giving the body the energy it needs between the main meals of the day.

What are the causes of triglyceride growth?
The level of triglycerides increases and exceeds normal when the body is constantly receiving more calories than it consumes. But there are other causes of triglyceride growth such as:
• Obesity

• Untreated diabetes
• Hypoactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
• Kidney affections
• Drinking alcohol in significant quantities
There are also some medicines that increase blood triglyceride levels:

• Steroids
• Beta blockers
• Diuretics
• Oestrogen
• Contraceptive pills

What is the normal triglyceride level?
• Normal triglyceride level: less than 150
• Triglyceride level at the limit: 150 -199
• High triglyceride level: 200-499
• Very high triglyceride levels: 500 or over 500

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What does a low triglyceride level mean?
A triglyceride level that is too low does not cause symptoms or put your health at risk. However, you need to check the cause of low levels of triglycerides as their decline may be due to the presence of a condition such as hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, drug use, low fat diets, or malabsorption syndrome.
How can I adjust the triglyceride level?
The most effective but also convenient solution for reducing triglycerides is to adopt a healthy diet from which unhealthy fats can be completely eliminated. Also, sport helps reduce triglycerides in the blood.
In some cases, adopting a healthy lifestyle is not enough, and then the doctor will prescribe medication.

Why high levels of triglycerides can be dangerous
Triglycerides that exceed normal levels contribute to the thickening of artery walls, which predispose to atherosclerosis. Thus, the risk of heart attack and stroke increases.
Extremely high levels of triglycerides, i.e. over 1000 mg / dl, can cause acute pancreatitis.
Why low levels of triglycerides can be dangerous
A low level of triglycerides can be dangerous if it is caused by a condition such as malnutrition, hyperthyroidism or malabsorption syndrome.
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