Watched over by God – three zodiac signs that divinity grants strength in times of need

Watched over by God – three zodiac signs that divinity grants strength in times of need
It all comes out perfectly for them, when no one expects it. It seems like a brilliant mind dictates what they have to do, and a hand with supernatural powers supports them every step.

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We are talking about the signs to which the Divine is always close, giving them strength and trust.
Divinity allowed for each Zodiac sign to have special gifts, that can help not only the native of that sign, but also people they come in contact with. Here are each Zodiac signs’ gifts from God:

Aries – assigned to plant ideas in other people’s minds and watch them always grow, but never helping them along the way. Thus, Aries received the gift of self-esteem, in order to be able to help others.
Taurus – as Aries is meant to plant the seeds, so Taurus must nurse and nurture them in order to grow.

Their gift is that of strength.
Gemini – curious by nature, their task is to pose questions to the world and gain a greater sense of understanding as a result. Their greatest gift is knowledge.
Cancer – they must help people accept their emotions, and develop their character. Their gift is that of family.

Leo – they are meant to display divine creation through talent and ability, but stay weary of pride and ridicule. If performed well, their gift is that of honour.
Virgo – these natives must scrutinize the ways of the world and remind people when they falter from the way of God. Their gift is purity of thought.

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Libra – they must teach people cooperation, remind them of their duty to others and grant the ability to reflect on the consequences of their actions. Their gift is love.
Scorpio – the native will know what lies in the heart of others, but this will come with a sacrifice of pain, because sometimes hearts are treacherous. Thus, they will discover the gift of purpose.
Sagittarius – as people tend to be bitter and sullen, they turn their face away from God. Thus, Sagittarius is granted infinite abundance of joy, to turn their eyes back to divinity.
Capricorn – they must work hard to inspire and motivate others, so God grants them the gift of responsibility to help.
Aquarius – they have the task to design and build the future, so that others may see it and be inspired as well. Their gift is that of freedom.
Pisces – last but not least, the most difficult task, to collect the world’s sorrow and weep for the tears they absorb, thus healing the world of pain and receiving the gift of understanding.

Here are the lucky beneficiaries of this celestial aid: Leo, Pisces and Sagittarius, according to
This sign is considered by friends, to those that know them, as a lucky breeze. He succeeds in everything he does and has appreciation, recognition. His desire to always be on top, to have fame, is supported by the Divine.
The last will be first, says the Bible. This is the slogan of the native Pisces. They are the last sign, but they are never left out. They have ambition, even if they do not let it become visible. They also have support from God, who loves them very much, writes
Driven to mysticism, Sagittarius is a believer by definition, even if he does not boast about it. He has the stars on his side, he has a guardian angel, being divinely protected. It’s no wonder things seem to appear in their way, as if from the blue, the perfect opportunities. God always lights their way, so they can quickly find the solutions.


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